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Financial Modelling

Financial models are used to forecast performance of organisation, project or other financial investment. PGH Corporate specialises in: financial planning and analysis; tailoring financial models to quantify the impact of business decision; and improve performance management. 

We can help your business develop a model for your specific situation to: 

  • Improve Financial ​Performance

  • Determine Pricing Policy 

  • Review Growth Options

  • Identify Cash Flow Issues 

  • Assess Investment Opportunities

  • Model Acquisitions 

  • Identify Opportunity for Cost Saving 

  • Allocate Resources 

  • Raise Capital 

  • Prepare Business Valuations 

  • Monitor and Communicate 


Raising Capital or Re-financing

Financial modelling is a highly specialised discipline for businesses looking to raise capital. These models must be comprehensive and must be aligned with a valuation of the business is essential. PGH Corporate are experts in establishing workable and useful financial models.


Our CFO can build 3-year financial models to support fund raising, which covers: 

  • Business KPIs

  • Considered Business Financial Assumptions 

  • Profit and Loss Budget Over Three Years

  • Cashflow Budget

  • Balance Sheet Budget

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