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About PGH Corporate

PGH Corporate understands that every business is unique. We endeavour to understand your business so we can assist you in achieving your goals.


PGH can maximise the profit you make from selling your business by reducing your business' risk. Sell your business for what it is really worth by understanding the market, your competitors and your business. We can help you increase your business' value and get the best return on your sale. 

It is vital to conduct thorough due diligence when planning to purchase a business. We run a full business valuation for you to allow you get to know the business and can run a complete due diligence process on the financial, operational, marketing and strategic aspects of your desired business to help you secure a good deal. After you have purchased your business, PGH is able to offer continued support for your finances and assist you in growing your business into your dream company.


PGH offers CFO services, such as business advisory and financial modelling, from a fully qualified CPA CFO who has had over 35 years experience. Growing and maintaining a successful business in today's rapidly changing environment requires knowledge and expertise that PGH can provide you. We can identify the critical issues that are holding your business back and develop ways to minimise these and achieve your business goals. 

Your goals are within reach. Contact us today to make them a reality.

Not quite what you were after?

If we can't help you... we know a company who can. PGH Corporate has two partners whose expertise can help your business achieve you need it to. ABC Business Solutions is our partner business who specialises in ERP software solutions and development, such as: Ostendo, MoneyWorks and Xero. They offer customised software to let you understand your business in a comprehensive way to increase your profit and efficiencies. Our other partner company, Integrated Logic, are experts in MYOB customisation and development for MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo. They can help your business achieve accurate business insights while managing finances, inventory and processes. 

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