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ERP Accounting Solutions

Our partners, ABC Business Solution and Integrated Logic, are our expert providers of ERP Software Solutions. 


ABC Business Solutions specialises in ERP Software Solutions, including: Ostendo, Freeway and Castaway. They also support ERP Accounting Solutions, including: Xero, MoneyWorks and MYOB.  ABC Business Solutions can assist you in everyday business processes and your unique processes. Our partner can help you gain control of your business system via assistance with strategic management, accounting and business workflow. They specialise in multiple softwares and are able to recommend a system that is suited to your business. They are also able to customise your system and train your employees to maximise the value you achieve from your software. They also are able to provide ongoing system support. 

Integrated Logic specialises in ERP Software Solutions, including: MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo. Their expertise alows them to offer superior ongoing support and training. MYOB products are very diverse and there is a product for almost any business and are fully customisable. MYOB is able to streamline your business processes, increase visibility, control and flexibility.  

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