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Exit Planning

You only sell your business once, so it pays to get it right. PGH Corporate can give you control on how and when you leave your business and on what terms. We consider every aspect of your business to achieve your desired exit outcome, including: who will control your business in the future, increasing sale price for your business and minimising tax paid in the proceeds.

Are you interested in increasing your business value and preparing your business for sale or succession? This comprehensive eBook takes you through how to achieve this and is available for free download now!

Increase value by improving financial performance and reducing perceived risk before you list your business for sale.  Our advanced financial modelling program can help you determine where to focus your efforts to maximise the marketability of your business.

To get the most from your business exit and ensure you achieve your financial objectives, it’s vital to implement effective succession planning. Whether your exit involves selling the business, merging with another business, listing on a stock exchange or an internal management buyout, we can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Our corporate advisors have a proven track record of successful succession planning. Our team will work closely with you to help plan, implement and realise your succession or business exit. ​


No matter what your reason for selling is, whether it is for your retirement or to start a new business venture, selling your business can be an emotional time. We can help you look strategically at your business to design the best exit plan to maximise business value. Carefully applied exit and succession planning decreases your business’ risk and maximises the profit you can achieve from selling your business. 


We also help you:

  • Minimise your tax and maximise your value

  • Secure future income

  • Provide a successful exit for the owner while preserving your legacy. It is important to ensure the business, owner and stakeholders are ready to sell at the same time to allow a smooth transition for your employees

  • Ensures business operates efficiently after transitions with the new owners as a well-managed and profitable business

  • Manage any taxation and compliance implications

  • Make the business more attractive to potential buyers 


Exit planning strategies are unique to the business model and owner exiting. PGH Corporate can help you identify and apply the best exit option given your business, finances and personal goals.



Our succession planning service includes:

  • Succession planning and preparation

  • Business structuring

  • Taxation and complication considerations

  • Negotiations and due diligence





We help businesses develop and execute a growth and exit strategy to increase the value of the business while reducing dependence on your involvement to achieve it.

How long does this take?


Exit and succession plans take time to develop and implement. A strategic plan can take 12-18 months to design and implement to ensure you are getting what you deserve for your exit. Successful exits take time, but PGH Corporate can ensure you get the most value for your business.


The basic stages, which each add value to your business, include:

  • Identifying business value 

  • Protecting business value with risk management and asset protection

  • Maximising value of the business

  • Extracting value through a liquidity event or transaction

  • Manage value post sale and exit to ensure assets are protected and the value in invested where you require it, for example, funding retirement


When should I start developing a business exit strategy?


It’s never too early! The best strategy is to develop a exit plan as soon as you start or purchase the business. This ensures that when you are ready to exit, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your hard work and make business decisions throughout your operations to enable a successful exit.  


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